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House Concerts

House concerts are an incredibly cool way to literally experience a concert in your home, or the home of someone you know. If you host a house concert, it costs you nothing! Michael loves playing house concerts. This grassroots phenomenon has grown to nationwide proportions — click HERE for more info!


You can now stream Michael’s music on his station at Pandora Internet Radio! Listen to songs from The Dare of an Angel all the way through Concert at St. Olaf College! You can also stream Michael’s full catalog at Spotify.

Concert Recording Policy

With a few restrictions, Michael usually allows audio recording at his concerts, although video taping ALWAYS requires prior consent. Michael often performs with other artists or at multiple-artist events, in which case the headliner, venue, or event policy may take precedence over Michael’s recording policy. If you’re unsure, contact the venue well in advance. Be aware that some venues prohibit any and all recording regardless of the performer’s usual policy.

Soundboard patches aren’t allowed. You may record from the audience location only. Recording at house concerts is discouraged – usually there just isn’t enough space. The general rule of thumb is to simply be considerate of others, and allow them to enjoy the performance.

Before uploading videos to YouTube and Facebook, please contact us before doing so to ensure quality and also to check that the music already has proper clearances. Recordings are for your personal use only. Any commercial use is strictly prohibited.

Michael allows recording for personal non-commercial use only – you’re welcome to trade or give away your PERSONAL live recordings via CD or digital file transfer, if you so choose … but are no circumstances that allow unauthorized duplication, distribution, and sale of Michael’s music released on the Timbreline Music record label, via CD or digital download at iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Please let us know if you become aware of any person(s) or websites in violation of this policy, so we can preserve the privilege for Michael’s fans to record his live concerts.

Street Team Info

Michael’s street team is an informal group of dedicated fans who help spread the word about Michael’s music in a variety of creative ways. It can be a lot of fun. Click HERE for more info.

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