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Guitar Resources

Stropes Editions

John Stropes is the world’s leading authority and scholarly pioneer when it comes to cutting edge solo acoustic guitar transcription. His website is a goldmine of insight, resources, recordings, and additional links to the finest guitarists in the genre.

Guitars in the Classroom

Guitars in the Classroom is a very cool non-profit grant program, helping public school classroom teachers of children in grades Pre-K through 8 integrate the acoustic guitar into their regular curriculum and school activities. Founder/Director Jessica Anne Baron is a nationally respected educator, and author of the SmartStart Guitar method, specializing in the development of musicality in young children.

Tonewoods, Biodiversity, and Interdependence

Global Trees Campaign

Next time you think about buying a new musical instrument, consider the nasty little secret of the musical instrument manufacturing industry. Over seventy tree species used to construct musical instruments are now threatened with extinction. I won’t delve into the cycle of deforestation / environmental degradation / loss of habitat / loss of livelihood / urban relocation / poverty / civil unrest / human rights abuses / social repression. Suffice it to say the global economy is real, causality is infinite, and that we’re all connected today in ways we can hardly comprehend.

It’s not all gloom, though. Do some homework. Contact instrument manufacturers and ask if they embrace responsible / sustainable methods of harvest. Martin Guitars is notable for their use of reclaimed / repurposed tone woods. And then there’s the CA Guitar Company, which manufactures some of the best sounding acoustic guitars in the world from a carbon-fiber composite, and also the amazing Blackbird Guitar Company, in the heart of San Francisco, which creates exquisite instruments from the most unlikely sustainable and eco friendly materials imaginable – including linen!!!

For more information about sustainable / responsible harvest, please visit the Global Trees Campaign.


Amnesty International
Armenian Eyecare Project
Center for Victims of Torture
Charity Watch
Charity Water
Doctors Without Borders
Eternal Threads / The Red Thread Movement
Fair Trade Federation
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
Folk Alliance
Global Exchange
Habitat for Humanity
Heifer International
Human Rights Watch
The Hunger Site
International Justice Mission
International Rescue Committee
Mercy for Animals
Musicians Without Borders
One Tree Planted
Open Secrets
Operation Smile
School of the Americas Watch
Service Space
Slowfood USA
Slow Money
Smile Train
Sustainable Communities Network
Two Forks
Unite the Parks
Witness For Peace

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