Michael’s old website was built in 2004 in the original HTML programming language, and it was a lovely website for many years. But in this age of mobile devices, it was time for a refresh – so welcome to timbrelinemusic.com 2.0! Also – please stay tuned for info on Michael’s upcoming new release, ‘Thunder Heaven Light.’


March, 2019: Michael was very grateful to have 8,500 listeners on Pandora. Then in April, 2019: Michael, practically overnight, suddenly had over 20,000 listeners on Pandora. His reaction: inexplicable joyful bewilderment! … Meanwhile, Spotify, remains … well, Spotify.

TOP 400!

Based solely on the strength of pre-orders (and the link from All Songs Considered), Concert at St. Olaf College made its debut at #5 on the Amazon.com new age chart, with an overall sales position of #367. Michael, never having cracked the top 5000, passes out in disbelief.


While clearing debris from an unlicensed compost pile on the 1400 block of South Plurfrits Avenue, authorities in Eden Prairie, Minnesota discovered what appeared to be a green bottleneck slide. Police Captain Kristian Eikevik said, “We have every reason to believe this is a bottleneck slide.” He had no further comment.

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