Michael performs at concert halls, theaters, listening rooms, opera houses, colleges and universities, coffeehouses, churches, charitable fundraisers, festivals, HOUSE CONCERTS, and benefit concerts / social justice events. If you’re interested in scheduling a performance with Michael, please fill in as much information as possible about the event on the form below. Fields marked with * are required.

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Fearless Banana Management

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Michael performs in concert for all the right reasons. He recognizes he is blessed with a musical gift, but also understands a gift is measured by the degree to which it is shared. With Michael, you get no ego, no greed, no hassle from a record label, no mumbo-jumbo from a cigar-chomping agent, and no interference from some lunatic road manager. Michael’s motivation for playing concerts – pure and simple — is to share the gift of music.

Michael understands your perspective as a concert presenter. His performances are affordable, and technically simple to produce. No headaches, no surprises, nothing weird! — just the highest levels of artistry and professionalism, excellent publicity support, and a great working attitude. For venues under 300 seats, Michael brings his own great-sounding p.a. system. For all his credentials, peer recognition, and critical acclaim, Michael may be one of the most down to-Earth and unpretentious artists you’ll ever meet. Thank you for your support – we look forward to hearing from you!

Timbreline Music

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